Perth tree danger to be examined

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

An avenue of trees near a Perth school is to be assessed to see if  there is any danger posed to the public.

The action is being taken after a 30ft long bough sheared off from an elderly oak tree, crashing down on to Viewlands Road.

“If a cyclist or pedestrian had been underneath they would have been killed,” said one local resident.

“I don’t want to see any trees coming down but if they are becoming unsafe it is an issue.”

The trees are on the roadside, near to Perth Academy, and some years ago trees were planted within the school fence which locals understood was to allow the older trees to be removed at some point.

Councillor for Perth South, Willie Wilson, said it must be established if the trees are safe.

“These trees are of considerable vintage and I understand that the council inspect them on an annual basis for health and safety reasons,” said Mr Wilson.

“I have asked for a re-examination of the trees concerned to enable the council to assure the public that they are keeping a close on the condition of the trees concerned.

“The large branch fell down at a time when there was no excessive wind or rain or storm conditions.  Fortunately, it did not cause any damage or injury at all and was quickly dealt with by the council.

“I am grateful for police and council staff for making the appropriate arrangements for the area to be fenced off prior to the tree’s removal.

“The trees form a significant part of the landscape framework in the Viewlands area and I would be reluctant to carry out any major work on them unless it is absolutely necessary.

“However, health and safety is of paramount importance and I have asked the council to carry out the necessary due diligence checks to ensure that the trees are fully inspected and issues that arise from that can be dealt with as quickly as possible.”

A spokesman for the council said:  “A contractor visited Viewlands Road, Perth, and removed the fallen branch from the road.

“As a safety measure, plans are currently underway to hold an inspection of the trees along the road.”