Park’s disease-hit trees to be felled

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

More trees need to be felled in Bodmin due to disease.

The latest species to be affected are a series of rhododendrons in the Priory Park pond area.

The town council says it is continuing to manage its tree stock and following inspections, any diseased trees that present a danger to the public or risk to other trees will be removed.

Three trees adjacent to the War Memorial in the park will be felled after specialist advice and replaced with mature specimens.

The ongoing management work will also see rhododendrons on and around the island in the pond removed due to the risk of phytophthora, a disease which can develop in rhododendrons and be transferred to other trees.

A replanting programme will then start on the island and the council says it will continue its programme of tree replacement to ensure the park retains its semi-woodland feel.

Councillor Lance Kennedy, Bodmin’s deputy mayor and chairman of the council’s properties committee, said: “We have been obliged to take this action but will take the opportunity to restore and improve the park and island landscape.

“It also provides the opportunity, in partnership with Cornwall Council staff, to deliver the proposed Camel Trail to Lanydrock cycle route through Priory Park.

“Our investigation into the building of new toilets in Priory Park will also enhance the cycle route and the resident and visitor experience in the park,” said Mr Kennedy.