Orchard planted with specially-selected trees

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Three new apple trees have been planted at Steyning Community Orchard.

The aim, in time, is for the orchard to have one of the county’s best collections of Sussex heritage apples, growing in a traditional orchard setting.

Susie Acton planted an Egremont Russet, which she had donated in memory of her father, Lewis Wood, who owned the original orchard, and Peter Billings planted a tree on behalf of the Carpenter Box trust, which had made a generous donation.

The third tree was planted with the help of young people at the planting ceremony.

Bob Platt, from the orchard team, said: “Once the trees had been planted, the orchard team set to work, mulching them and driving in stout chestnut posts to support wire fences to protect the trees from deer, vandals and accidental damage.

“These will remain in place for several years until the trees are big enough to survive without them.”

The trees planted were carefully-selected Sussex varieties, all grown on traditional rootstock.