Objection to protected tree works

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Featured Slider, News

A HOUSEBUILDER’S proposal to cut a protected tree back to make way for construction traffic has been met with disapproval in Moulton.

Moulton Parish Council has written a letter of objection in response to Bovis Homes’ application to carry out a ‘crown lift’ to trees next to Beehive Lane to prevent damage from building traffic and delivery vehicles.

The traffic would be part of work to build 147 houses off Barnside Way and Beehive Lane, which won outline planning permission after an appeal by developer Richborough Estates.

He said: “We see no justification for the proposed works on trees which have, rightly, been afforded a high degree of protection.

“They are a key feature in an area of much loved natural beauty.

“In the absence of any clearly stated reason for the work being done, we can only assume that the application is linked to successful application for up to 147 dwellings on land off Barnside Way, in Moulton, to aid the movement of construction traffic.

“Given that only outline approval has been given for the land we feel that this request is exceedingly premature.

“Surely the request would be more relevant if linked to an application for full planning permission?

“The scenario whereby the work is undertaken prior to any formal agreement to build on the land off Barnside Way is not acceptable to the parish council and the vast majority of local residents.”

Councillors were also concerned when Beehive Lane resident Margaret Newton told them she had not heard of the application to work on the trees.

“There’s not one notice on the lane and I’m up and down it every day,” she said.

The council has raised this with Cheshire West and Chester Council’s planning department.

Phil said: “It is disappointing to note that the applicant has made no contact with the parish council or nearby residents before submitting this application.

“Given the delicate nature of matters, particularly in the light of other pending applications relating to the parcel of land off Barnside Way, some dialogue may have proved advisable or beneficial for all parties.”


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