November sees ECHO launch new top handle chainsaw

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News


Compact, lightweight and with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the new ECHO CS-2510TES top handle sets a benchmark for chainsaws. It’s clear the designers have aimed to create a top handle saw that fulfils the arborist’s needs in terms of superb balance, reliability, performance and comfort. This latest model in ECHO’s range of new generation chainsaws is their lightest and most compact saw to date. The dry weight is just 2.3kg and with its ergonomic, compact design the saw is highly manoeuvrable and can be used for long periods with little operator fatigue. The engine produces 1.11kW to give the CS-2510TES a superior power-to-weight ratio. Tim Kirk, Managing Director of TKF Training, got his hands on the saw before its launch.

“I was recently given the new ECHO CS-2510TES top handled chainsaw to test – it was the only one in the country – and my first impression was it must be one of the smallest chainsaws on the market. The saw was fitted with a 10” bar and I have to say it was very light. The big test for such a small saw was the removal of limbs between 150mm to 200mm. I was amazed the saw cut through oak and beech without a dip in power.”

A key feature Tim picked out was using the starter cord toggle as a tool to open the fuel and oil filler caps. This can be done even when wearing gloves. Wider tank openings also make oil and fuel refilling easier and the oiler adjustment is conveniently on top for operator access. The dropout prevention nut is held on with a wire spring to prevent loss when working at height. Attention to detail in the design sees the CS-2510TES fitted with a selection of other features to make the operator’s life easier and more productive. There’s a swing-out lanyard ring for attaching the chainsaw to harness ropes, leaving the operator’s hands free for easier and safer climbing, while the rotating plastic chain catcher is a key safety feature. Narrow louvers in the body are designed to prevent pine needles and debris penetrating the engine compartment. Summing up, a great saw arborists are already talking about and ECHO dealers can’t wait to get in their showrooms, the CS-2510TES is available from November 2015.