New orchard shredder makes light work of tree prunings

by | Oct 20, 2014 | Featured Slider, News

Kuhn Farm Machinery has announced the launch of a new shredder to the UK fruit growing market.  Designed specifically to operate between rows of fruit trees, the TRP 175 PRO is capable of shredding high volumes of leaf residue and thick, woody branches at high speed. It can also be used for light path clearing and verge shredding, making it a truly versatile piece of landscape maintenance equipment.

The TRP 175 PRO has a 175cm working width and features a large volume casing for maximum output.  It is fitted with a hydraulically driven, adjustable speed pick-up rotor, and is fitted with two high strength Domex steel rear grids with 60mm outlet holes for very fine shredding: the upper grid is hinge-mounted for easy access to the rotor.

The new shredder is fitted with a 457mm diameter flail rotor, equipped with 1.65kg heavy hammer knives which are mounted onto toothed knife holders with robust 25mm pins. Capable of operating at up to 3,100 revolutions per minute, the knives and toothed holders, which are arranged in a helical pattern, hold debris within the body of the flail until all material has been broken down into fine fragments.

The TRP 175 PRO uses a central gearbox and a reversible head allowing the machine to be front or rear mounted.  It can also be used with reverse drive-station tractors.  As standard, the front hood is fixed, with a hydraulically adjustable roller available as an option – this enables the machine to be fine tuned according to the volume of debris to be shredded.

“The TRP 175 PRO is the ideal machine for fruit farmers looking to shred high volumes of branch and leaf residue,” explains Jean-Sebastien Vecten of Kuhn Farm Machinery.  “It is capable of shredding large amounts of woody material into a very fine pulp and is robust enough to cope with the most challenging conditions.  A strong frame, tough gearbox and thick chamber lining make the new machine capable of withstanding heavy stone impacts and give the TRP a long working life.”

For scenarios where tree and plant waste needs to be removed from the orchard in order to reduce disease threats or to harvest waste material as a source of biofuel and potential income, Mr Vecten recommends either the CV or RT variants of the TRP machine.  “The CV models are equipped with a chute for loading shredded residues into a trailer, whereas the RT versions collect the shredded material in a large nylon bag with a capacity of 800 litres.  Both variants offer users the ability to remove waste materials from the orchard safely and quickly and, like the TRP 175 PRO, are designed to be robust and reliable.”