Husqvarna launches two new pre-mixed alkylate fuels

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — launches two new pre-mixed alkylate fuels, Husqvarna XP® Power 2 and Husqvarna Power 4, made with forestry experts and green space professionals in mind. With efficient combustion and low levels of harmful substances, users get more machine performance and higher work efficiency.

Husqvarna XP® Power 2

Husqvarna XP® Power 2 is an alkylate fuel pre-mixed with XP®  two-stroke oil, which has been specially formulated for excellent engine cleanliness. This is due to more efficient combustion which keeps engine components clean, so machines will run smoother and more reliably and engine lifetime is maximised.

The XP® Power 2 is a Verified Engine Formula (VEF), which is a Husqvarna verification program that provides improved durability for Husqvarna engines. VEF is a series of tests made to ensure fuel mix and engines complement each other, so Husqvarna machines will be in the best condition to deliver maximum power output and last longer.

Excellent engine lubrication contributes to low engine temperatures, which reduces the risk of machines breaking down due to overheating. This means professionals can work longer with their two-stroke machines — such as chainsaws and trimmers — without worrying about unnecessary servicing or downtime.

Better for you, better for the environment

Lower amounts of harmful substances in the alkylate fuel — as compared to other kinds of regular petrol — means less harmful exhaust emissions, creating an improved working environment that lets professionals work safer for longer, which in turn increases productivity.

The XP® Oil is biodegradable, meaning it is able to decompose into renewable raw and natural materials, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint.

Pre-mixed with a long lifetime

Alkylate fuel is always ready to use straight from the can, as XP® Power 2 has been pre-mixed, so professionals do not need to spend time measuring and mixing fuel, but can get to their tasks much quicker. Being storage stable is another benefit, since XP® Power 2 can be stored for years without deteriorating in quality, so machines can be topped up and started without delay.

Husqvarna Power 4

Husqvarna Power 4 is an alkylate petrol that burns more effectively as compared to regular petrol when combusted, as it contains low levels of harmful substances.

This keeps parts cleaner and reduces deposits left in the engine, which aids in optimising a machine’s lifespan. With improved combustion, the need for servicing the machine is minimised, which in turn reduces downtime. This gives users a more reliable engine and machine operation, resulting in increased productivity.

Fuel quality remains constant

With Power 4 alkylate fuel, quality of the fuel does not deteriorate, meaning the fuel can be stored for years and still work as normal. This means that the fuel will be ready to use even after seasonal storage, so professionals will not need to worry about delays in engines starting or buying new fuel each time. Power 4 ensures fuel quality is constant, so that professionals have an easy to start engine at any time.

The Husqvarna XP® Power 2 and Power 4 fuel is available from early January at Authorised Husqvarna dealers only. RRP: 1 Litre – £5.50 inc VAT / 5 Litre – £19.00 inc VAT.