New gtRibbed Root Panels Set To Revolutionise Urban Tree Planting

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The latest product development from landscape supplier Green-tech Ltd is set to revolutionise the urban tree planting market. Developed in partnership with experts in tree root development, the gtRibbed Root Panels are simple to assemble, have their own anchorage point and direct roots downwards away from services and pavements.

Due to the flexibility of the system, the gtRibbed Root Panels can be folded up to a 90 degree angle allowing for a number of configurations to be created for different tree planting scenarios. The system allows the growing media and tree to first be planted and the rootpanels installed after to suit the depth of the planting, volume of growing media and size of the rootball.

Sarah Hayes, Operations Manager for Green-tech comments:

‘As a leading supplier of urban planting products in the UK, we were approached by partners in Europe to research and test the market for the gtRibbed Root Panels. Feedback from customers has been excellent, spurring the business on to present the panels to landscape contractors as an alternative for traditional urban root products. From the installers point of view, the product is simple to transport to site, can be configured to meet a number of on-site scenarios and is quick and simple to install. ‘

For more information on the gtRibbed Root Panels or to trial the product on site, please get in touch with the team at Green-tech