National Trust to plant new woodland at county estate 

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The National Trust is set to plant a new 7 ha woodland on land at Lower Betton on the wider Attingham Estate, in a project the Trust cites as ‘the first steps towards delivering major improvements for nature by 2030’. 

The new woodland creation, supported by funding from the Environment Agency will add to the almost 1,000 ha Estate, which already includes woodland, parkland, tenanted farms and farmland. 

The project aims to ‘harness’ the power of trees to lock in carbon, create more space for wildlife and improve access to nature, while contributing to the Trust’s net zero and tree planting targets. 

Naturalistic techniques such as deer and rabbit fencing will be used during the planting and aftercare stages, in place of individual tree guards. 

A wildflower and grass meadow will be established beneath the trees to provide ground cover and protect from the impacts of drought. 

The National Trust will use the data from this pilot woodland to inform future woodland projects around the country.