MP praises Delamere Forest projects

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A project to unearth lost wildlife habitats in Delamere has been praised by Weaver Vale’s MP.

Graham Evans MP joined staff and volunteers from Cheshire Wildlife Trust and the Forestry Commission to learn about the restoration of Delamere Forest’s rare wetlands and peat bogs and the reintroduction of white-faced darter dragonflies.

Katie Piercy, from Cheshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Sadly, Mother Nature wasn’t on our side for Graham’s visit, so many of the iconic species we’re working for were hunkered down, but we were still able to get into the heart of the meres and mosses landscape that is such an integral part of the Delamere Forest experience.

“We’re making great strides with our partners at the Forestry Commission to deliver a healthy landscape of these rare peat bog habitats, for which Cheshire has an important role to play in the UK picture.”

Mr Evans said: “As the Member of Parliament for Weaver Vale, it’s fantastic to see that Cheshire Wildlife Trust is at the forefront of innovative projects to bring back lost wildlife that has a rightful home here in Cheshire.

“I was also delighted to learn about how the local community is supporting this project to restore these habitats to protect the long-term future of our beautiful forest.”

Funding has come from the Heritage Lottery to help reintroduce the dragonflies and from Waste Recycling Environment Network (WREN) to help restore floating peat bogs.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust will launch a £20,000 appeal later this month to raise funds to continue the white-faced darter reintroduction.