Moorland Treescapes reap the rewards of the GreenMech EVOlution

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Moorland Treescapes can definitely say they have experienced the ‘GreenMech evolution’, with the delivery of an EVO 165D the latest in a sizeable list of different models owner Simon Stockton has used over the years! Sitting proudly on his fleet alongside a QuadChip 160P, both woodchippers are busy on a daily basis, making light work of a heavy schedule for the small family-run team.

Simon established Moorland Treescapes almost 20 years ago, and for most of that time he has turned to GreenMech to supply chippers to suit his broad range of domestic and commercial tree works. “As our workload adapts, what we need from our woodchipper fleet changes. This means that over the years we’ve had three QuadChip’s, a 19-28 SAFE-Trak, ArbTrak 200 and then more recently, a tracked machine from the GreenMech EVO series” explains Simon. “With each machine you notice little tweaks to the design and functionality but with the EVO, it was like a whole new machine!”

Due to a reduction in embankment working, Simon has recently switched from a tracked EVO 165DT-45LE to the road tow EVO 165D. “This is proving to be a brilliant piece of kit for us. Improvements have been made to simple things like the manual override control which means that the infeed will continue to pull material through and not leave you standing in and amongst brashy or thorny material. All of the basic service points are accessible and centralised greasing makes that process really quick and easy. On top of those practical things, I think the EVO’s just look great too!”

With the EVO 165D tackling a lot of commercial work around Staffordshire and Derbyshire, including large-scale projects on behalf of BT, the QuadChip 160P is bringing its own benefits to the day-to-day domestic jobs. “The QuadChip with the rotatable turntable is great for jobs on the kerbside. The ability to turn the chipper to be able to feed material from the pavement is brilliant for operator safety and means we don’t have members of our team working in the road.”

“In addition, we have always had fantastic service from GreenMech and our local dealer Global Sales because the nature of this industry means that things do inevitably go wrong. In my book it’s not the problems that matter, it’s how a company resolves them and Global have always been brilliant in helping us when they arise.” Simon concludes, “As there is only four of us, having equipment that does a good job and is backed up with brilliant support is like having an extra member of the team!”