Makita’s new range of protective workwear for chainsaw operators

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Makita chainsaws are taking an increasing share of the UK forestry operations market and the Company has introduced a new and extensive range of protective workwear for professional and domestic operators. Hire companies who rent out chainsaws must also provide protective clothing to operators and this new range is available from Makita to complement the existing chainsaw helmets and chainsaw operator boots. The Makita Starter Safety Kit contains chainsaw trousers, helmet with ear and eye protection, and safety gloves.

The new Makita chainsaw trousers are available in five styles including Bib & Brace (B&B) versions. All deliver safety protection to the European EN381 Class 1 standard where a saw has the chain running at a maximum of 20metres per second, the equivalent of 45mph. These trousers are made to Type A regulation which provides protection to the front of the legs.

Chainsaw protective fabric works on a number of principles. The outermost layer can be made both tough and slippery, to protect against trivial damage such as snags caused by brambles which could compromise the filler material. Beneath this long, loose fibres of Kevlar are laid in nine layers. When a saw contacts the trousers, the outer layer is immediately cut through but the inner is drawn out and wraps around the saw’s drive sprocket locking it solid and halting the chain, preventing damage to the operator’s leg. Trousers should be slightly loose enabling the chain to pull excess stopping fabric into the chain mechanism, but not too loose so they don’t snag on branches or tree limbs. Damaged trousers must be immediately disposed of.

The Makita chainsaw trousers are available in five waist sizes from 32” to 40”. Entry level trousers and B&B versions in green are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester whilst grey Super Trousers, Grey Super B&B and Orange Pro Trousers are 100% polyamide. The Pro Cutting Jacket also meets the EN381 protection standard whilst the Working Jacket and Working Jacket Super are also available.

Makita’s Starter Safety set contains protective forester trousers in line with DIN EN 381 standard, protective helmet with a visor, ear protection in line with the DIN EN 397 standard and protective gloves for chain saw use.

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