Makita’s New 4-Stroke Telescopic Pole Chainsaw Extends To 5 Metres

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Featured Slider, Kit, News

The latest professional pole-saw recently added to the expanding Makita Outdoor Power Equipment range extends telescopically to enable branches up to five metres above ground to be lopped with ease. The new Makita EY2650H pole expands from 2.72-metres to 3.92-metres making this the longest pole-saw on the market. The aluminium outer pole tube is 35mm in diameter with 2mm wall thickness. This rugged construction minimises the pole flexing, thus giving the greatest possible chain bar stability and overall control of the pole-saw in action. The 25.5cm guide bar carries 3/8” pitch ½” chain that will run up to 21m/s. The chain oil tank is mounted to the chain drive transmission housing and has an adjustable oil delivery pump. The pole sections are locked in the chosen length by a rugged turn-lock for maximum safety and the EY2650 has a useful 0.6 litre fuel tank capacity.

The new Makita EY2650 professional pole-saw is powered by a 25.4cc version of the latest Makita MM4, 4-stroke engine developing 1.1hp. The Makita MM4 engine range is responsible for expanding Makita’s petrol machines market share as contractors recognise the values of pure 4-stroke engines for economy, power, low noise and emissions. The elimination of the need for oil mixing as required for 2-stroke engines dramatically reduces running costs and at the same time removes the risk of engine damage from incorrect oil application. The Makita MM4 engine has a fully pressurised oil flow system that enables the machine to operate at any angle.

Weighing just 7.2kg the new Makita EY2650 pole-saw is substantially lighter than other similar tools available, is comfortable to use and is supplied complete with shoulder strap harness, safety goggles and engine and chain oil.

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