Makita backs National Park Authority apprentice training

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Makita, Britain’s professional power tool manufacturer, has formed a partnership with the North York Moors National Park Authority to strengthen and support their apprentice training scheme. Six young apprentices now have the benefit of using Makita equipment, and receive full technical training, during their three year apprenticeship where they learn the skills required to maintain and improve the public rights of way across the North York Moors.  Makita chainsaws, brush cutters and pole saws are now being used by the group and regular Correct and Safe Use training sessions have commenced.

The apprentices are being trained to manage the public rights of way, forestry and wildlife habitat conservation across a 100 square mile section of the vast North York Moors. “This is an intensive three year course covering a very wide spectrum of conservation and maintenance works,” reports Andy Holtby, apprentice supervisor, North York Moors National Park Authority. “Recent budget reductions would have limited the equipment available to these apprentices but the partnership with Makita enables us to provide our apprentices with state-of-the-art machines that really enhance our training quality. Without question Makita grounds maintenance tools set the industry standard and our apprentices are receiving the best possible skills training for their future success.”

The apprentices of the North Moors National Parks Authority are working with Makita EA5000 chainsaws and EM4351UH brush cutters. The EA5000 chainsaw is powered by a 50cc 2-stroke motor that delivers 3.75hp with a catalytic converter for clean exhaust emissions. Fitted with a 45cm long chain bar and weighing just 5.4kg this saw is light and well balanced with ample torque for felling and clearing. The EM4351UH brush cutter features the high performance 43cc Makita MM4 4-stroke engine which gives low fuel consumption, low noise and contributes to the low vibration level of this hard working brush cutter.

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