Majestic Trees becomes an EOT

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Featured Slider, News

Majestic Trees has become an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), ‘ensuring’ the company ethos and core values can continue. 

Managing director Steve McCurdy and his wife Janet have sold 74% of the nursery to its current management team.

Made up of Sarah Shynn, sales manager, fern snowling, planting and logistics manager, Carlos Guinand, nursery manager, Helen Morgan, HR and finance manager, Maria Bengtsson, pruning and stock control manager, and Eliot Barden, after care, apprenticeships, and training manager.

Collectively the team has over 80 years of experience at Majestic Trees, and will all continue in their current roles. “The team’s future is both secured and most importantly is rewarded,” says managing director, Steve McCurdy. 

“Undoubtedly, the price that we have sold our 74% is less than we could have achieved (from a buyout), but it enables us to leave both a legacy, ensure Majestic Trees and its ethos and core values continues as it is.

“Money isn’t everything, as I would be far happier to see Majestic Trees continue to prosper under the team who helped me build it.”

McCurdy, who is now 63, says despite having “no plans to retire”, the High Court battle against Defra in 2022 had a detrimental impact on his health, prompting his decision. 

“I’ve been mentoring the management team for many years, the illness forced my management team to really step up, so the time seems right to begin this transition process.”

McCurdy retains 26% of Majestic Trees and plans to continue as managing director for the foreseeable future. 

From an external viewpoint, “nothing will be different,” and with this transition will come “exciting growth plans.”