Lincolnshire conservation volunteers discover unlawful trees felled

by | Mar 6, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest

Conservation volunteers in Lincolnshire are outraged after discovering that several mature trees have been hacked down in an area that has been established as part of a community project, the Boston Standard reported.

Four alders at Beech Wood, near Boston, had been felled and removed, and two silver birches were also taken at Westgate Wood, just over a mile away.

Adrian Issac, chairman of Boston Woods Trust, is responsible for the upkeep of the woods.

He said to the Boston Standard: “The trees have been felled by chainsaw and removed without permission.

“We are asking if anyone was aware of a chainsaw in operation in Beech Wood recently and whether they saw a car or van in the car park that might have belonged to the person/people involved.

“We would be grateful for any information people can give us. You can telephone Richard Austin on 01205 368351 or myself on 01205 365949.”

The trees that were felled were amongst the largest in the woods and would have been in excess of 30ft.

Adrian added: “We are working hard to grow the trees, putting in over 100 hours each week, and then someone comes along and destroys what we are trying to do by taking some of our biggest trees. It’s very frustrating.”

Residents have been asked to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour or to listen out for the sound of a chainsaw, and to make a note of vehicle numbers if they suspect someone may be acting suspiciously.

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Image courtesy of The Boston Standard