Lickfold’s dying trees population

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A mystery illness is killing trees in Lickfold. Now, one concerned resident is trying to force authorities into action, worried the tree population in the village is going to whither away.

Simon Notley said: “I live in Lickfold and have a tree in our field that has died.

“It was looking sickly last year, but this year is clearly dead.

“I happened to notice a similar tree on Lickfold green that was planted to celebrate one of the Queen’s anniversaries. There is a plaque beside it.

“This tree has suffered the same fate.

“I wanted to find out a bit more and see if I could find out the cause.

“I am not even sure what sort of tree they are, probably chestnut.

“First port of call was Lodsworth Parish Council, I remember them having a tree officer. I was informed there was no longer anybody responsible for the trees and they gave me the contact details of the person at Chichester District Council who might be able to help.

“He phoned a few days later saying they had nobody that could help and suggested the Forestry Commission.

“I then thought that as we are now in a national park, there must be somebody responsible for the health of our trees, so I sent a mail to the address on the SDNP website.

“I had a reply saying she would pass on concern to the forestry projects officer, but have had no response.

“There are three trees, one dead, another clearly diseased and the other is a young tree recently planted.

“There was an article in the Sunday Times talking about how our chestnut trees are going to be wiped out.

“I would be interested to know if there is anything we can do and if the affected trees should be destroyed as soon as possible.”