Letter:Significant and permanent cost to ancient woods and trees

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Good afternoon. Please find below a letter to you from George Davies, Head of Environmental Strategy and Assessment at Heathrow Airport in response to the article on your website:


Dear Sir,

With regards to the Woodland Trust’s concerns regarding the maintenance of a 1,000 year old Harlington Yew around Heathrow airport, we are pleased to say that it is absolutely not at risk and it is outside our proposed development area for expansion.

Heathrow’s existing plans do include extending parkland to the south of the airport, providing a connected 15 mile corridor of publicly accessible green space for local residents and as part of the ‘green ring.’ Our plans were made following feedback from meetings held with local residents groups since our original plans were submitted to the Airports Commission.

George Davies, Head of Environmental Strategy and Assessment

Heathrow Airport