Learn about tree health and landscape resilience

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Featured Slider, News

The LI Midlands branch is holding a seminar on 6 November entitled ‘Plant Health and Landscape Resilience’.

Aimed at  landscape and environmental design consultants, it will include updates on current biosecurity risks to UK trees, implications for design landscapes and reviews of best horticultural, design and nursery practice.

Simon Watkins, member of the LI Technical Committee’s biosecurity working group, said, ‘It doesn’t get much bigger than this for the landscape profession. With so many pathogens spreading through our tree stock we will see huge changes in the landscape over the coming decades, raising questions about everything from street tree planting to the efficacy of LVIA.  What is our response as landscape architects and how can we best engage with other professions in a collective effort to ensure the future landscape is a resilient one?’

Find further details on speakers and booking information here.

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