Landscape Institute – salary survey launches

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The Landscape Institute is carrying out its annual Employment and Salary Survey this August to provide members with a snapshot of the industry’s pay grades, employment levels, and more.

The survey provides valuable data on the salary and employment conditions within the landscape profession. It defines the average salary of all grades of Landscape Institute members, charts employment demand, and gathers information on various job titles and opportunities within the industry.

This year’s survey will collect practical and useful information for all Landscape Institute members and Registered Practices, said Chris Sheridan, Head of Education and Membership.

‘As an individual you can check your salary, and you can see what other people are getting paid. As a practice you can make sure your rates are competitive so you can retain and recruit staff,’ Chris said.

‘It’s really important that members tell us these things so we can support them in the workplace, and so we can attract new professionals into the industry. Don’t be shy!’

The 2013 annual survey showed that  the proportion of members in permanent, full-time employment had fallen, accompanied by a slight rise in self-employment, temporary/contract work and working outside the profession. 

Last year’s survey also showed lower Licentiate earning, with 39% reporting a salary band of £20-£24,999 (up from 33%), while a third of Licentiates experienced a period of unemployment in 2012.

In addition, the 2013 survey findings also noted a growth in the size of LI Registered Practices. Over one third of employees in Registered Practices reported that their practice or department had grown, while over half of public-sector employees reported that their departments had been reduced in size.

Every member of the Landscape Institute is invited to participate. The survey will run from Wednesday 23 July – Friday 29 August. The findings will announced through the LI news, and will be published on the LI website in September.