Joy as Chorley trees get the chop

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Residents in two Chorley village streets are delighted that a long battle with over-grown trees has finally ended.

Homeowners on Daisy Meadow and Preston Road, in Clayton-le-Woods spent years campaigning for trees to be cut down after they constantly blocked the sunlight, and littered their gardens with branches.

A petition was launched by residents and Coun Steve Murfitt to have the trees cut down.

After liaising with property management firm Places for People, the trees have finally been cut.

Michelle Jordan, a resident in the area, said: “We used to live down the road and it was never a problem but when we moved up here it became awful.

“There was never any sunlight and in the winter it was quite scary to go in the garden as branches were falling down.

“I’m so pleased that the branches have been cut, we can enjoy time in the garden.”

Coun Murfitt added: “I’m delighted for all the residents, it took a while but it’s finally come to an end.

“I’m proud I managed to help out with this.

“The residents put a lot of work in with the petition and it’s paid off.”

A spokesman for Places for People said: “Working with the council, we have completed a review of the landscape and trees and have put in place a plan which will see us regularly maintaining the area and the trees.”