Jersey Trust plant trees at Plemont reserve

by | Dec 5, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News


Trees have been planted at the Plemont conservation site as part of a plan to “kick start the ecology” in the area.

A year ago, after a long battle, the former holiday camp at Plemont was demolished after the States voted to purchase the land.

Since then The National Trust for Jersey has been returning the area to nature.

Now, as part of the next stage of the site’s transformation, it is working with local children to plant trees.

Joanne Stansfield, education officer at the National Trust for Jersey, said involving children gave them a sense of ownership.

She said: “We hope that because the children in this area will be the ones using the area with their families and watching it return to nature, we want to give them a sense of ownership and excitement.”

The national trust said it has chosen trees which can endure cold and windy weather.

Species include Scots Pines and Field Maples along with low lying shrubs.

John Parks, lands manager at the National Trust for Jersey, said it was a restoration project.

He said: “We are building a network by planting hedges to provide cover, plants with berries for nesting and food opportunities.

“What we are doing is kick starting the habitat we want to see here by planting gorse and broom as well as taller Scots Pine trees which are capable of handling the winds.

“We have a good nurse crop of grass established, we have stabilised the ground but it will take a few years.”

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