Jaime Bray reviews Makita’s telescopic pole chainsaw

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

“This Makita pole saw is a faultless machine,” says Jaime Bray, owner of Treetop Arboriculture and chairman of the Arborists Working Group

Jaime Bray has run his own business, Treetop Arboriculture in Coventry, for 17 years providing a first class tree maintenance and consultancy service across the Midlands. He’s been involved in tree work for more than 20 years having started holiday jobs with an uncle on motorway embankment maintenance before going to College to study for the National Diploma in Arboriculture.  He has recently passed the RFS Professional Diploma in Arboriculture, a highly regarded qualification recognised by the industry.  Jaime’s deep knowledge of the industry underscores his appointment as a Trustee of the Arboricultural Association and Chairman of the Arborists’ Working Group that has overseen the creation of R2 Register of Tree Work Operatives.

Jaime uses the Makita telescopic pole chainsaw in his daily tasks of tree maintenance, ornamental pruning and crown lifting, and for pruning trees away from a client’s property. “In boundary disputes, where there is a problem with access to an adjacent property, the full reach of the Makita pole saw at 3.9 metres extended is a blessing.  Overhanging vegetation can be reached with ease, ensuring that trespass does not occur on neighbouring property.

“The balance of this pole saw is excellent, even when fully extended. The Makita 4-stroke engine has lots of torque, it starts first time, every time, and has never missed a beat. It’s so quiet it’s a pleasure to use, and the fuel consumption is so good you sometimes hope it will stop so you can have a break!

“The 4-stroke gives very minimal vibrations through the saw and the telescopic tubes have sufficient wall thickness and a sturdy clamp so there is little flexing.  It’s this feature that enables the operator to prune branches accurately. It doesn’t become excessively tip heavy when held at arm’s length even when fully extended. There is nothing to hinder its use. This Makita pole saw is a faultless machine.”

Weighing just 7.2kg the Makita EY2650H telescopic pole saw extends from 2.7m to 3.9m, is powered by the 25.4cc Makita MM4 4-stroke engine with pressurised oil system producing 1.03hp. The 255mm/10” bar carries 3/8th pitch, 0.050” gauge chain with a 0.12 litre chain oil tank.

Jaime is also using a Makita EA6100 chainsaw. “This saw is very well made and has good power. With a 61cc engine the EA6100 powers the 45cm bar provided with ease, especially through dead wood. The saw has good balance which assists the user when snedding and felling.”

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