Improved Woodland Creation Planning Grant launches

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The Forestry Commission has launched improvements to the Woodland Creation Planning Grant. It has listened to feedback and this information has helped inform the changes that have been made. Improvements include a reduction to the minimum application and block size, as well as removal of the requirement for 70% of the species proposed for planting to achieve minimum growth rates. Additional changes have streamlined parts of the process and reduced duplication with regulatory processes. These enhancements to the grant will support a broader range of woodland creation and enable more landowners, farmers, land managers and public bodies to develop their plans.

The Woodland Creation Planning Grant helps cover the costs of producing a UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) compliant woodland creation plan. This can support applications to other funding sources for woodland creation, such as the Woodland Carbon FundCountryside Stewardship and HS2 Woodland Fund. For more information visit our GOV.UK page on the Woodland Creation Planning Grant or watch our video below. Those already in receipt of a Woodland Creation Planning Grant Stage 1 offer may request the addition of new blocks of proposed woodland over 0.5 hectares. If the additional areas are accepted the future Stage 2 offer will include these areas. To bring the additional blocks into the agreement, Stage 1 agreement holders will need to submit a revised Stage 1 checklist in the revised Woodland Creation Design Plan Template (see the How it works section under stage 1) which accounts for the expanded project area. No additional Stage 1 payment will be made. We will not retrospectively add new areas to existing Stage 2 agreements; current Stage 2 agreement holders who would like to extend their project areas in line with the new rules will need to submit a new application to us.