Husqvarna’s top tips for chainsaw users this winter

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

Working with chainsaws (both electric and petrol) can be challenging during winter. Therefore, world leading expert in forestry equipment, Husqvarna®, has pulled together a guide on its top tips to help chainsaw users stay safe and productive throughout the winter months.


When the temperature drops below zero, ensure to take extra care when felling trees; even the softer tree types such as pine, spruce and leafy tree species turn hard and brittle.

Along with this, chainsaw operators should take extra precaution when felling a tree if it is covered with snow. A snow-heavy crown can affect the centre of gravity of a tree so make sure a large hinge is left – plus, always try to fell in the direction of a tree’s natural lean.


During the winter months, operators might need to file a chainsaw’s chain more often as a result of the hard and frozen wood on trees. By using Husqvarna®’s filing gauge, tree workers will not have to worry about the angle of the cutting teeth to ensure superior results. The filing gauge comes with two different settings – S for soft wood and H for frozen and hard wood – so it’s easy to get the depth gauges filed optimally for winter sawing. 


Two parts that are handy for chainsaw users during the winter is a cover for the starter housing and a winter air filter. When using a winter cover, operators can reduce the risk of getting snow in the chainsaw’s engine; plus, a winter air filter will prevent a chainsaw’s filter from getting clogged up with ice.


Husqvarna® personal protective equipment helps arborists and forestry workers stay protected during winter. The garments are warm and assist with body temperatures being regulated. During cold weather, Husqvarna offers underwear, fleece jackets and vests to ensure tree care workers are kept warm when working long hours.

Furthermore, Husqvarna offers chainsaw features and accessories that are extremely handy to use in the cold. For example, Husqvarna’s XP®G chainsaw range has heated handles that keep hands warm and dry whilst maintaining good blood circulation. The heating on the XP®G chainsaws is controlled by a thermostat which switches heat on and off at a certain temperature.