Husqvarna launches two new 90cc chainsaws

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

Husqvarna has launched two new chainsaws within the 90cc segment aimed at professionals.

The 592 XP and 585 are both “extremely powerful and efficient, with a level of manoeuvrability rarely found in saws of this size and power”, according to the manufacturer.

Husqvarna added they were designed for the “largest and toughest jobs in both forestry and urban tree care applications, while offering maximum productivity and comfort for its user.”

It said it has collaborated closely with professional forestry and tree workers from around the world, with the result being “two models that combine power, durability and reliability with excellent manoeuvrability.”

Gent Simmons, global portfolio director for tree professionals at Husqvarna, commented: “We are excited to finally launch these 90cc chainsaws, as we know there is a strong demand in the market. With these products, we have managed, at the same time, to push performance to the limit and offer users unparalleled productivity with the 592 XP, whilst delivering a modernised version of a trusted technology with the rugged 585. The power of these saws, compared with their light weight and excellent manoeuvrability, really place them in a class of their own.”

It said the 592 XP, which is more advanced, delivers best-in-class cutting capacity and an improved level of reliability because of a new starting technology and added it offered “an unbeatable combination of low weight and high-power output levels, boosting efficiency.”

The 592 XP is able to handle 36” bars and is available with the new lightweight Husqvarna X-Tough Light bar. It is best paired with X-Cut C85 and C83 chains to optimise cutting capacity.

Owing to its X-Torq engine, emissions are reduced at the same time as performance. The simpler start technology, made possible by AutoTune 3.0, ensures that the engine starts quickly, regardless of the conditions, it said.

A further benefit is Bluetooth connectivity, which means the chainsaw can be retrofitted with a Husqvarna connectivity device, paired with Fleet Services, which tracks the product for easier maintenance and management. The Connectivity Device will be available later this autumn.

Meanwhile, the 585 is “an extremely durable chainsaw, combining the best of traditional technology with modern features.”

It said offered “simplicity and ruggedness, which makes it go beyond expectations when it comes to endurance.” It also features a tough and durable design and handles 36” bars and the new X-Tough series of Solid Bars.

With a needle carburettor that can be easily adjusted, combined with better balance and convenient features, it pairs traditional technology with modern development. It also features the X-Torq engine, which both reduces fuel consumption and emissions.