HS2 scheme sparks wood concerns

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The Woodland Trust has expressed concern that an ancient wood near Castle Donington is going to be directly affected by the planned new high-speed railway HS2.

The charity says Smooth Coppice Wood is one of 14 ancient woods that lie directly in the path of the proposed Phase 2 route of the plan. Oliver Newham, Woodland Trust senior campaigner, said: “Ancient woodland covers just two per cent of the UK and is widely acknowledged to be a nationally important, irreplaceable habitat.

“Ancient woods are places of beauty, reservoirs of archaeology and economic history, and a source of inspiration for local culture and folklore. Each ancient wood is a unique product of its location, geology, soils, climate and history – conditions that can never be recreated with new planting.”

Ben Ruse, a spokesman for HS2, said: “Our woodland areas are important.

“That is why we have a stated commitment that there will be more woodland when HS2 is completed than there is now.”