HS2 cost rises by £2m to buy trees

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Business, Featured Slider, Latest, News

The government is putting another couple of million into the cash pile that’s to pay for HS2, with a plan to build what it calls a “Green Corridor” along parts of the line seeing the planting of millions of trees set to cost £2m.

A selection of our finest, British, non-immigrant, native trees with union flag leaves and bloated white trunks are to be planted along a section of line between Birmingham and Crewe, with the £2m apparently enough to pay for the digging in of seven million trees and shrubs. It’s part of an £8m funding package designed to keep people with gardens and houses along the HS2 route happy, with an additional £6.5m set aside for road safety improvements around HS2 sites to make sure there’s some sort of local legacy in place thanks to the new rail link.

As a result, there should be nine square kilometres of new woodland built, with the government saying/hoping this means HS2 will set “a new environmental standard for construction projects.”