Ground Control create woodland

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Business, Featured Slider, Latest, News

Ground Control are to plant over 22,000 trees in response to ongoing efforts to grow woodland cover.

Billericay-based Ground Control are to create 22 acres of woodland in Essex. Benefits of this include removing CO2 from the atmosphere and driving forward conservation.

The 22 acres will include of 22,734 native trees and shrubs. These will create a new, sustainable habitat and capture 3000 tonnes of CO2 by year 50. They will also improve water quality and flood catchment management.

Working with the Forestry Commission

Ground Control worked with the Forestry Commission to develop this project. Tree planting beginning at the end of November. Crowders and Alba Trees have supplied the broadleaved trees and shrubs. Green-Tech are providing the shelters and tree spiral guards.

Chris Bawtree, Project Manager at Ground Control, explained:

“The creation of more woodland is important to us and supports the government’s commitment to increase UK woodland cover. We encourage everyone to protect and enhance our environment for future generations.”

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