Ground-based Forestry & Arboricultural Operations – Refresher Training

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The Lantra Awards suite of refresher modules covering ground-based forestry & arboricultural operations will refresh operators with the appropriate techniques and underpinning knowledge to ensure that they continue to be confident when working within forestry, arboriculture or allied industries.It will also ensure awareness of current health and safety legislation and industry good practice, keeping individuals up-to-date and skilled.

Each module is supported by its own booklet outlining minimum course content and must only be delivered by instructors approved by Lantra Awards.

The modules are designed to be short, sharp and focussed and will provide refresher training for operators that are already Lantra Awards-trained and/or certificated in each module of activity. They are not to be used as a substitute for novice operator training, nor will they offer the wide range of skills needed for inexperienced operators to work safely.

There is no limit to the amount of modules that can be booked, allowing flexibility, and each course to be tailor-made based on the individual wants and needs of the learner or groups of learners.

Each module has guided delivery times, plus consolidation times, the final duration of courses will be dependant upon which modules are delivered.

Note Due to the nature of some of the training a minimum level of fitness is required for specific modules. Whilst we would not want to disadvantage any learner it is an essential requirement.

Who is it for?

People who work in:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Woodland industries
  • Local Authorities
  • Conservation
  • Construction
  • Land-based industries.

What will you get from it?

Each module holds its own objectives and offerings, all guides can be used along with appropriate manufacturers handbooks as part of the risk assessment process to help identify the controls to put in place relevant to the intended work activity.

The modules are designed to complement previous training and/or certification, encouraging operators to refresh and enhance learning in their field of work.

Course sessions:

There are 11 modules in total, one of which is the mandatory Safety, Health and Welfare and a remaining 10 optional modules.

There is a minimum booking requirement of 2 modules per learner booking.

This mandatory module is valid for a 5 year period and must be completed before any other module can be undertaken.

We will recognise equivalent or above Health & Safety certification in replace of this mandatory module if the learner has completed, and been certificated within 5 years prior to the refresher course commencing, for example:

• IOSH (Managing Safely)
• NEBOSH Certificate
• Lantra Awards Health & Safety and Practical Risk Assessment
• Construction Skills Health and Safety equivalent to 5 days training
• BSC level 3 Occupational Safety or above.
• Level 3 Award in Controlling Risks to Health & Safety in Agriculture and Production Horticulture (QCF)

Below you will find the suite of modules you can pick from:

Delivery and
consolidation time
 Safety Health & Welfare1.5 hrs12
 Biosecurity1 hr12
 Chainsaw/Small Engine Maintenance3 hrs4
 Felling up to 200mm3 hrs4
 Felling up to 380mm3 hrs4
 Felling over 380mm3 hrs4
 Branch Removal – Snedding & Delimbing2 hrs4
 Cross Cutting2 hrs4
 Hung up Trees using Hand Tools2 hrs4
 Hand Winching4 hrs4
 Powered Pole Pruner2 hrs4

Each module has a minimum delivery and consolidation time, along with a maximum number of learners per course. Durations may be increased but not decreased; modules must be completed on the same or consecutive days. Learner numbers must never be increased above the maximum number stated.

Where modules are combined, the total duration time will therefore dictate the entire course duration.

It should be noted that instructors can cover additional content to ‘up skill’ the learner(s) if requested, this (along with the start/finish times) must be recorded on the learner achievement record in order for accurate records to be kept. 

During the consolidation period learners will be expected to demonstrate practical ability and/or underpinning knowledge.

Certificates of attendance will be issued. This will detail the module(s) taken along with a reference to the recommendations made by the instructor. Additional information relating to the instructor who delivered the training and date of completion is also included.


The things you need to know:

Pre-requisites:It is the training providers responsibility to ensure that all learners have provided evidence of previous Lantra Awards training and/or awarding organisation certification relative to the refresher module they wish to undertake prior to attending any refresher course. It should be noted that in some instances there may be no specific Lantra Awards training and/or awarding organisation certification available that will act as evidence of prior training e.g. Biosecurity. In such cases Lantra Awards will accept: • Any learner who has previously attended a Lantra Awards course or holds awarding organisation certification relating to forestry and arboriculture will in turn hold appropriate evidence to complete the Safety, Health and Welfare module. • Any learner who has attended Lantra Awards training or holds awarding organisation certification relating to felling operations will in turn hold appropriate evidence to complete the Biosecurity module. • Any learner who has attended Lantra Awards training or holds awarding organisation certification in felling and processing trees greater than 380mm in turn will hold appropriate evidence to complete the Hand Winching module. Providers must document the above evidence, and keep on file.
Delivery method:Classroom/Practical
Cost:Cost is determined by your training provider.

It is the training providers responsibility to ensure that learners hold a valid, in date mandatory module (or equivalent Health and Safety certification) before acceptance onto any course.

If learners wish to complete refresher training within the 5 year period that the mandatory module is valid for, they will need to provide evidence of completion e.g. training certificate.