Green-tech supply rural tree planting products to Glendale Civic Trees

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News


Glendale Civic Trees who specialise in the supply, plant and relocation of trees has undertaken the creation of a Parkland for a private client in Gloucestershire.

They were called in to create a Parkland of trees and shrubs in the grounds of a large private home. Overall ground conditions were not ideal with underlying rock found close to the surface in many places.

Green-tech supplied the anchoring system for the trees. The larger trees were all semi mature with a 45cm plus girth which required securing with three and four legged anchors. Due to the ground conditions an overhead guying system was supplied as the normal dead man or anchor system was impossible to use.

Green-tech’s Sales Director Ian Rotherham comments,

“We stock a number of tree anchoring systems and are always happy to provide advice as to the best product for the job.  Ground conditions, size of trees and planting environment are all factors that are considered.”

The first phase is complete and Civic Trees will re-start planting of additional trees in the winter. They are also commissioned to undertake other projects on the site; to include shrub beds and wild flower meadows.

Deric Newman, Sales Manager, Civic Trees said,

“We have a great relationship with Green-tech and have used them for many years.  They always offer great customer care and provide sound advice on the most appropriate products for the project or conditions, their pricing is always keen and they always supply good quality products.”