Green-tech: An official drop-off hub for Free Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Business, Latest, News

Tubex has expanded the reach of its Tree Shelter Collection and Recycling Programme by providing new hubs around the UK where tree shelters can be dropped off to be recycled for free.

The scheme is a joint initiative with charity Yorkshire Dales Millennium (YDMT), which opened a number of its own recycling hubs in 2021.

There will be a total of 14 national hub locations, five of which will be provided by Tubex’s parent company Berry Global.

Landscape provider, Green-tech will also be supplying a hub for free shelter collection, at its premises in North Yorkshire.

Green-tech’s sales director Richard Gill says: “Tubex aim is to increase accessibility and proximity whilst limiting any unnecessary costs for end users, so that people are not discouraged to recycle shelters at end-of-life by having to fund and organise their disposal process. Green-tech is delighted to get involved and offer our support. We are the biggest distributor of tree protection products in the UK and feel we have a duty to offer practical solutions to removing plastic that has served its purpose, from the environment.”

Tubex will be covering all costs post hub drop off, including washing, recycling and re-pelletizing the material to be recycled into more shelters.

All Tubex shelters can be recycled at the hubs, in addition to all Polypropylene shelters manufactured by other brands, they can be identified by a small ‘PP’ symbol on the tree shelter.

Tubex marketing & product development director, James Taylor says: “We are so pleased to be able to announce the launch of our recycling hubs with the support of YDMT and partners – since its inception, our plan has been to continually progress the Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme and offer the opportunity for our customers to recycle their shelters locally.”

More information on Tubex free tree shelter collection hubs available here.