Green Line Arb launches innovative app for arborists and landscapers

by | May 18, 2023 | Business, Featured Slider, News

Green Line Arb, a rising start-up with a focus on providing innovative solutions for arboriculture and the landscaping community, has introduced a pioneering mobile application connecting professionals, the public and specific services aiding the industry.

The app boasts useful features and an intuitive interface, presenting a contemporary approach to streamline work processes and enhance overall efficiency. It aims to tackle the daily challenges faced by trades in these industries by providing a digital combi-tool that is both practical and invaluable.

With its user-friendly technology, the Green Line Arb app is set to improve productivity, save time, reduce stress, and save money for all users.

Green Line Arb was founded to address the challenges that have troubled the arboriculture and landscaping industry for many years. As a second-generation tree surgeon growing up in a family business, the founder, Nick Wilson has seen first-hand the recurring obstacles that hinder productivity.

With years of experience working in both the domestic and commercial sectors, Nick has encountered the same issues time and time again. After talking to others in the business and gathering their collective experience, it became clear that these challenges were common across the industry, no matter the size of the company.

Driven by this realization and the frustration of running in circles, the Green Line Arb app was created to offer a modern solution to these age-old problems.

Green Line Arb is not just for Arborists and Landscapers, but also a platform for building and strengthening communities.

Through the app, professionals can connect and collaborate with the public, sharing their useful by-products at “Drop Points” populated from the online recycling portal. The app also serves as a hub for connecting industry specific services, such as LOLER inspectors and training providers with trades people in need.

In addition, Green Line Arb also addresses the issue of bridging the gap between complicated industry legislation and practical operators. Understanding that all professionals in the field want to focus on their work without the burden of navigating complex regulations.

To tackle this, the blog delivers news bulletins and useful information in Nutshell form, ensuring that subscribers are up to date on the latest developments in a straightforward manner. By fostering these connections and building community, Green Line Arb is working towards a more collaborative industry.

Nick Wilson, found of Green Line Arb says: “Our goal was to create an app that would be a functional tool for practical people, making our jobs easier, safer, more efficient and more productive. With the Green Line Arb app, we’ve achieved just that.”

The app offers a comprehensive set of features, including:

  • The Industry Map: This feature is packed with waste drop points and industry-specific points of interest, such as Arb shops, health centres, LOLER inspectors, training centres, equipment hire, and machine repairs, among others. The feature allows you to filter by service type to quickly find the help you need no matter where you are.
  • Personal Profile: Create your personal profile and showcase your qualifications, experience, and day rate. Businesses can contact you directly with job offers, putting you in control of your career.
  • Emergency Location: Stay safe on the job site with Emergency Location. This feature helps you send your exact working location to the office or a loved one, including how long you’ll be working on-site. This feature is essential for risk assessments and could save your life in an emergency.
  • Job Adverts: Arborist and landscaping professionals using the app can easily see job postings that are close to their location, allowing them to build their team and grow their business.
  • Waste Transfer Notes: This feature generates electronic waste transfer notes with all the necessary codes, making the process efficient, fast, and effective. You can also email them directly to your ‘Drop Point’ destination for seamless and hassle-free disposal.
  • In-App Messaging: Stay connected with In-App Messaging. Directly message individuals or companies when looking for workers or replying to job offers.
  • Favourites Feature: Keep your top services and contacts within easy reach.

Wilson concludes with:  “We designed this app to meet challenges head-on, empowering and equipping the Arb and Landscaping community. We’re confident that this app will be a game-changer for the industry.”

The Green Line Arb app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information, visit the Green Line Arb website at