Government scheme plans to plant thousands of trees in Rushcliffe

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

As a part of the new £50,000 project, the Rushcliffe council has set out plants to make Rushcliffe a bit greener, planting thousands of trees over the next three years, ensuring sustainable environments in the district are preserved.

Grants will be available from April onwards for groups and individuals wishing to plant trees in the towns and villages.

Cllr Debbie Mason, Rushcliffe Borough Council’s deputy leader said: “Tree protection and promotion is an issue often raised by Councillors and the wider public particularly as our communities are set to grow increasingly in the coming years.

“We want to support economic growth to ensure a sustainable, prosperous and thriving local economy whilst maintaining and enhancing our residents’ quality of life.”

The first tree was planted on January 31 in Collington Way, West Bridgford, by Cllr Mason, along with executive manager for communities Dave Mitchell, the Council’s contractor Streetwise and other council officers.

Council officers will also encourage individuals to join ‘The Tree Warden Scheme’ in the local community, so they can play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods.

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