Global Recycling Solutions release LumberMax HD38

by | May 3, 2022 | Featured Slider

Global Recycling Solutions Ltd are delighted to announce the latest model to be released from Norwood Sawmills, the LumberMax HD38. 

This model is the world’s only Omega shaped sawhead, allowing an unrivalled 14” (355mm) depth of cut, along with a maximum board width of 32” (812mm). 

Andy Dudley, Technical Consultant at Global Recycling Solutions Ltd comments “The latest Norwood Sawmill’s offering in the market is also their largest.  Customers have always wanted to get that extra bit of capacity and Norwood have stepped up to the mark with increased board widths and a larger depth of cut”.

The HD38 is a sawmill engineered and built to go where other sawmills can’t.  Unmatched capacity, next generation patented technologies and exceptional versatility makes this mill stand out from the rest of the market.  In manual or hydraulic configuration, the HD38 is everything a sawmill should be, and you’ll know it from your first cut.  Impressive oversized cutting capacity combined with rugged carriage and log deck engineering ensure this mill has unmatched output capabilities.

Despite its jaw-dropping capabilities, the HD38 will have you confidently milling, thanks to Norwood’s practical innovations that make sawing as much fun as it is productive. 

Andy comments “All Norwood Sawmill’s are delivered in kit form, which allows the customer to learn the mill inside out whilst building it.  Speaking with customers who have undertaken their own mill build, a lot have expressed how enjoyable and fun it was to assemble.  By the customer carrying out their own assembly, it gives them a great insight into adjustments, settings and operational skills”.

Produce oversized beams up to 14” (355mm) in depth thanks to Norwood’s patented Omega sawhead, engineered to deliver industry leading depth of cut capacity.  Lowering the bandwheels relative to the drive train gives you the power to handle jaw-dropping dimensions. Dual cast-aluminium rigid core frames, engineered to handle extreme load levels, tackle the biggest logs and open your wood to a world of massive opportunities.  Norwood’s patented Omega is the ultimate in sawhead engineering that delivers it all – outstanding performance, ultra-confident capability and effortless sawing.

Norwood’s advanced machined blade guide assembly delivers positive alignment of the blade through angular and lateral adjustment on all 3 axes.  It also gives you control over the 4th axis—along the pitch plane about the blade’s longitudinal axis.  Its patented pivoting shaft block to trunnion block geometry featuring a nominal fulcrum delivers precise fine-adjust control over both blade guides on the for-aft plane.  The state-of-the-art dual-technology guides pair ceramic blocks with bearing equipped heat-treated steel rollers to protect against deflection forces exerted on the blade and deliver precise cuts

The ability to take on the biggest logs, make the deepest cut and mill ultra-wide slabs.  That’s the ultimate sawmill dream and the HD38 is all that and more.  The mill offers outstanding choices, including high power hydraulics and leading-edge computer setworks.  

The HD38 accepts manual, hydraulic and power attachments.  The mill is fully customizable which means features and attachments can be added at your pace and as your milling needs evolve.  This ensures the spirit of Norwood’s build-as-you-grow philosophy is kept alive.  Comprehensive hydraulic attachments available include log loader, chain-drive log turner, log clamping and roller toe boards.

Andy comments “The mill is available in three configurations; static, non-road-legal trailer package, and road-legal trailer package.  If the customer opts for the road-legal trailer package, an IVA test is required.  This can be either completed by the customer with our assistance or can be undertaken by Global”.

Norwood was the first company to develop affordable personal band sawmills and is the only company to focus entirely on this class of sawmills.  Since Norwood launched the first LumberMate, other companies followed suit, selling their own lines of personal band sawmills, but only as an afterthought to their main focus of super-sized, and super expensive, hydraulic mills.

Every component of a Norwood sawmill is made of top-quality steel by highly skilled operators with cutting-edge fabrication and machining technologies.

Industrial-grade powder-coating protects the sawmill better, and longer, than old-fashioned spray-paint, which chips, scratches, and rusts.  It costs a considerable amount more to powder-coat steel and this sets Norwood apart.

Norwood have created sawmills that are going to work hard and look good for years to come.  That’s why they finish every critical component on the portable sawmills with the very best powder-coating money can buy.  Original Norwood mills from 1993, over 25 years ago, are still running strong today. 

Andy comments “Wear parts are kept on the shelf at Global for the mills, ensuing downtime can be kept to a minimum.  Same day dispatch can be advised by our Parts department.”

Integrity, honesty, loyalty and hard work are at the heart of Norwood.