Glendale’s team boost their veteran tree knowledge

by | May 9, 2017 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Glendale’s south west-based utility arboriculture team have been boosting their veteran tree knowledge in order to better manage the region’s ancient specimens.

Ten members of the team, who deliver services on behalf of electricity Distribution Network Operator, Western Power Distribution, completed a one-day veteran tree course at Trematon Hall in Saltash.

The course was led by Julian Montague, general manager with Glendale, in partnership with Tim Kellett from the Ancient Tree Forum.

Julian and Tim are accredited trainers with VETree (Vocational Education and Training on Veteran Trees) a European project which aims to provide quality training in veteran tree management.

VETree was originally set up by five partner organisations, including the Ancient Tree Forum in the UK.

The course focused on valuing and managing veteran trees and covered the value of veteran trees for cultural and biodiversity purposes, the importance of roots and managing land around veteran trees, maintenance techniques for veteran trees, and relevant legislation.

Julian Montague, said: “Veteran trees have a very high ecological and historical value that is often overlooked.

“By definition, they can take centuries to replace, and therefore require very specific management to prolong their lives. New, innovative management techniques have been tried and tested by the Ancient Tree Forum through The VETree Project, which can now be passed on to veteran tree managers through the training products and e-learning resources made available by VETree.

“The overall objective of the original VETree Project was to transmit knowledge about veteran tree management as widely as possible, and it has been a pleasure to contribute to this aim. The course at Trematon Hall was very successful, and we received some fantastic feedback from the team who took part.

“I’m hoping to deliver the course again at the Eden Project in the near future, and I’m currently in discussions with the lead auditor at Western Power Distribution, to book a course for some staff there, and potentially other contractors to teach them about veteran trees and veteran tree management.”


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