Get kitted up for the Autumn

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

As chainsaws start to get pulled out of garden sheds, ready to cut logs for autumn fires, now is a good time to carry out some tool maintenance checks and make sure you’re kitted up so you can work smart and work safe.

STIHL offers a wide choice of protective and work clothing, specifically designed for your garden and outdoor tasks.  Protective clothing, known in the trade as ‘PPE’ (Personal Protective Equipment), ranges from ear and eye protectors to steel toe-capped boots, so we can keep you covered literally from top to toe!

Chainsaw protective Trousers for example, are a fundamental requirement for chain saw use and prices start at £140.00 for the ‘all-round’ Design C protection recommended for occasional users of a chain saw.  Of course, protective trousers are just one of the essentials recommended for chain saw use, so to completely kit yourself out we offer a handy holdall with full recommended protective kit including cut-protective seatless trousers, gloves and rubber boots, plus a helmet/ear defender set.

It’s not just chain saw users that need to protect themselves at work.  If you use a grass trimmer or brushcutter for example, particularly in long grass, our special brushcutter trousers incorporate protective blocking material to the front of the leg in case any debris flies up like hidden stones.  New to this year’s range our FS PROTECT brushcutter trousers are priced at just £60 – they are not only smart but also comfortable for everyday outdoor wear.

Protective glasses, work gloves, even smart STIHL base layers to wear under your work clothes – there’s something to suit most budgets and all your outdoor work tasks.