Get A Competitive Edge With TreePlotter INVENTORY

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

If you’ve been looking for a software solution to differentiate your business from the rest, you’ve found it. Upgrade your tree management operations with TreePlotter INVENTORY™, a comprehensive GIS software application for field data collection and inventory data management. Created by PlanIT Geo™, an urban forestry software and consulting firm, TreePlotter INVENTORY was built by certified arborists and GIS experts.

Win More Of Your Tree Work Quotes

TreePlotter INVENTORY will have an immediate impact on how customers can better understand what you’re pitching. With map-based software, you can streamline and differentiate your services and leave a positive, lasting impression on your prospects.

With TreePlotter INVENTORY, site assessments become a quick, easily trainable process for your surveyors. With any smartphone or tablet, rapidly log tree locations and attributes, like size, condition, photos, and work history, and carry out tree risk assessments. TreePlotter INVENTORY is web-based so all users have real-time access to the data collected in the field. As soon as the surveyor completes their field assessment an office administrator can transfer that data into a proposal format.

The geolocated data from the site assessment can then be quickly turned into a visually compelling story. Features include colour coding trees by any attribute, saving preset data filters, and sharing interactive maps via URL. But the value of INVENTORY is so much more: dashboards, standard and configurable reports, complete work history, advanced queries on datasets, map sharing, and customised account administration.

Customers may not understand the full arboricultural value of your company’s recommendations but they can gauge the quality of service being provided. An engaging map-based proposal is one of the best ways to establish credibility with potential clients. If you are interested in more tips on improving the tree work proposal process, please check out our eBook How to Bid and Win Higher Margin Work with Map-Based Software.

Development Survey Module

The TreePlotter software platform offers Development Survey, an add-on module based on BS5837, built specifically for consultants working on development sites. This gives all the tools they need to meet and exceed the requirements set out in BS5837. This tool allows you to accurately map tree canopies, root protection areas, and import or export CAD files, all whilst in the field.

The imported CAD files are visible as reference layers in the map. Our GIS-based, all-in-one software solution gives you the ability to plot any tree, hedgerow, group of trees or woodland that could be affected during the design, demolition or construction phase of any development. Communication and clarity is handled quickly and easily with the ability to import data directly into reports within the TreePlotter platform, eliminating the hassle of back and forth to create accurate and engaging reports.

Customised for Small Consultancies

TreePlotter INVENTORY has a product level designed specifically for small consultancies. Our small consultancy package includes TreePlotter INVENTORY for two users, up to 5,000 trees, and the add-on modules for Offline Collection and Development Survey.

“You need a living database of your trees and TreePlotter™ is perfect; conventional software is expensive, takes multiple steps or days to set up, and doesn’t provide the access to your data like you should have in 2021”

  • Sam Hobson, founder and Director of SEED Arboriculture

SEED Arboriculture is a small consultancy located in Cheshire, United Kingdom, that wants to expand their firm and provide top-tier outcomes for clients. TreePlotter helped Sam minimize his survey preparation and data editing time in the office, allowing him to spend more time out on-site or growing his clientele. To get the full story of how Sam is benefiting from TreePlotter INVENTORY you can download our SEED Arboriculture case study here.

The Tree + Technology People

Since 2012, PlanIT Geo™ has been providing cutting-edge technology and planning services for urban forestry, parks management, and arboriculture around the world. We are a team driven by a passion for trees and technology. Our goal is to help others map and understand the value of nature-based solutions and through our software applications and expertise we are committed to  “mapping a greener future.” For more information, please contact Russell or Theri at