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    The Future of London’s Trees – exploring opportunities, overcoming barriers

    Location: Garden Museum (next to Lambeth Palace SE1 7LB)

    When: April 30 2014 – 6.30 – 8.30pm


    The Role of Trees in London’s Landscape

    What has influenced tree planting in the past?
    How have design attitudes to trees evolved and changed?

    Speaker. Robert Huxford, Director, Urban Landscape Group.

    Trees for the Future

    The Greater London Authority is undertaking an i-Tree Eco survey of London’s urban forest. This should enable an assessment to be made of the capital asset value of London’s trees and also provide a cost-benefit analysis of some of the services that trees can deliver. This is a useful tool for supporting investment in trees. This presentation will look at the benefits that i-Tree can identify and then reverse the process by demonstrating how to deliver these benefits by designing them in from plan.

    Speakers. Johanna Gibbons, Landscape Architect. J&L Gibbons LLP
    Keith Sacre, Sales Director Barcham Trees and Treeconomics.

    Managing London’s Trees – Now and into the Future

    Ideally trees need to grow to maturity to deliver their greatest benefits. In the public realm responsibility lies with the Local Authority. This presentation will explore the wide range of issues involved.

    Speaker. Jake Tibbetts, Chair London Tree Officers Association and Tree Manager Greenspace LB Islington.

    Collaborative Working, Planning, Protection and Management

    A wider range of organisations are involved in the planting, protection and management of the ‘urban forest’. The Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG), a registered charity, was formed in early 2007 to encourage collaborative working amongst all the built and natural environment professions, developers, planners, tree nurseries, contractors, utilities, government, public bodies such as the Forestry Commission, Natural England, English Heritage, university research departments and all who are engaged with urban trees. This session will introduce two of TDAG’s key documents: Trees in the Townscape, a Guide for Decision Makers (2012) and Trees in Hard Landscapes, a Guide for Delivery (2014) which provides a common language to promote effective decisions and delivery.

    Speaker. Anne Jaluzot, Green Infrastructure Planning Consultant

    With breaks for questions and answers.

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    London's Trees

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