Friendly Tree Surgeons now provide Japanese Knotweed treatment

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Friendly Tree Surgeons, the leading tree arboricultural specialists, are now offering more services in the Greater London area. In the midst of summer many trees are starting to reach their maximum growth for the season culminating with large crowns, bushy hedges. Maintenance must be met to keep a nice look. Friendly Tree Surgeons offers services to lift and reduce crowns, trim hedges and maintain trees (including the fruits that appear). Friendly Tree Surgeons offers stump removal, root removal, and tree clearing to get rid of unwanted trees. One of the newest services offered by Friendly Tree Services is the removal of the Japanese Knotweed. Over the years Japanese Knotweed has become more and more prevalent in residential and commercial areas. Often times this weed is an invasive species and can do severe damage to lawns as it essentially kills off all other herbaceous and woody species including grasses, trees, etc. Friendly Tree Surgeons uses industry leading techniques to effectively remove Japanese Knotweed leaving the natural species behind.

John Tree the CEO of Friendly Tree Service had this to say about introducing treatment for Japanese Knotweed:

Friendly Tree Surgeons has been successful for the last 10 years in providing the best tree services in the UK. To continuing fulfilling the needs of the citizens in the Greater London Area we have introduced Japanese Knotweed removal. Japanese Knotweed has become detrimental to not only the look of a property but also reduces its value. We pride ourselves in now introducing one of the first services in the country to eliminate Japanese Knotwood. As the needs for the citizens change, Friendly Tree Surgeon will continue expanding and changing services to insure customers are happy with the herbaceous and woody species on their properties.

The benefits of treating Japanese Knotweed early is that it is easier to remove, as time passes the noxious weed becomes harder to remove because of its fast life cycle. Japanese Knotweed can grow up to 20cm a day, and has no predators in the UK to slow growth down. Late stage Japanese Knotweed invasions can become very costly to remove and can leave property owners losing value on their lots due to uninhabitable space.

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