Free resource offers support in dealing with ash dieback

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Featured Slider, Latest, News, Pests and diseases

A free guide to dealing with ash tree dieback has been published by one of the UK’s largest environmental planning and forestry consultancies.

Lockhart Garratt prepared the guide Sunset for Ash Trees to help landowners, farmers and anyone with responsibility for managing and maintaining locations where ash trees grow.

The guide includes sections on what ash dieback is and how it spreads. As well as looking at the impact of the disease, how it can best be managed and what a tree owner’s specific responsibilities are.

Lockhart Garratt’s Senior Arboricultural Consultant and author of the guide Andy Poynter explained the reason for its publication.

“Ash dieback is now a commonly known disease in the UK but that doesn’t make its impact any less serious,” he commented.
“We need to learn from the experience of mainland Europe where the disease has been present since 1992. This suggests that the majority of ash trees will decline or die over the next 10-15 years, which means that we have a limited time frame for action. A balanced approach for management that endeavours to practically accommodate resistant and tolerant ash trees is imperative.”

The company advises clients to take a balanced approach to the management of these assets in relation to the threat of ash dieback. It has a specific process for managing ash trees as set out within the guide known as the RACER programme (Resource, Approach, Compliance, Execution and Replant). This system identifies the importance of understanding tree stock and determining the objectives for that stock, as well as good management, coordinating operations with legislation, undertaking arboricultural and/or forestry works and planning replacement planting.

To download a free copy of Lockhart Garratt’s guide to Ash dieback, visit

In addition to the new guide Lockhart Garratt have set up a web page dedicated to Ash dieback. This page will be kept up to date with the latest guidance and legislation as and when released.