Free app aids fungi identification

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Featured Slider, Features, Latest, News, Technical

Tim Moya Associates has released a free app to help identify tree-related fungi and supplement tree inspections.

The app covers the main tree/fungi associations relevant to tree health and safety in the UK.

TMA Fungi allows the user to search by tree species and narrow down a search to the crown, stem or root of the tree. The information for the app came from Christopher Wright, a senior arboricultural consultant at TMA.
‘‘The fungi app came from a series of internal documents, created through relevant research. Also extra information from discussions with professional mycologists and arboriculturists. The fact that this app is free is key. I am delighted that the information is at the fingertips of anyone who wants to download the app.’’

Managing director Tim Moya added: “The app will contribute to an improved and clearer understanding of tree/fungi associations. This will help the wider arboricultural and environmental industry to identify fungi on trees. We have received many messages of support and appreciation for the quality and ease of use.’’

Share your experience of using the app by emailing with comments and suggestions. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.