Forestry Commission begin work clearing wind blown trees on Isle of Wight

by | Feb 19, 2017 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Forestry Commission England is urging people to follow instructions on site around Firestone Copse, near Havenstreet, as work is carried out over the next two to three weeks to clear windblown trees throughout the woodland on the Isle of Wight.

Ben Phelan, Forester with the Commission’s team in the area said: “Some people do worry when tree felling operations start, though the awareness that woods benefit from active management is much better understood today. People love their local woods, they really care for them. Forestry Commission staff appreciate this, as do forestry contractors.

“Providing it is sustainably managed, thinning is a key element of good woodland management. It provides opportunities to open up of shaded and wet tracks, making them more accessible to people on foot, and benefits wildlife including valuable pollinating species.

“It will be noticeable where machinery has been, however work to repair tracks will take place as soon as possible after all tree felling has finished.”

He added: “We’ll do our best to minimise the number of paths that need to be closed, and I’d like to thank everyone for their understanding whilst forestry operations are underway.

“The work is planned using our approved ‘Forest Design Plans’ and seeks to enhance the ecological interest of this wonderful place, for Red squirrels and Dormice, and smaller less noticeable plants and creatures too.”