Environmental Minister says Worcester is leading the way in tree planting across Britain

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The Environment Minister Rory Stewart has said that Worcester’s tree renaissance is showing ‘real leadership’, the Worcester News reported

The Government minister has urged other towns and cities around Britain to follow Worcester’s example by going on a planting mission.

In January, the Worcester News revealed how a new project launched to plant 2,000 trees at locations across Worcester to radically improve the landscape.

The project is being led by Worcester Council after a plea from the Mayor Councillor Roger Knight, with around 880 trees already donated by the Woodland Trust.

Mr Stewart said in parliament: “Worcester is showing real leadership. We would like many more towns and cities in the UK to engage in planting more trees.

“As Worcester MP Robin Walker has pointed out it’s fantastic for tackling air pollution, fantastic for biodiversity and great for our leisure and health.

“In particular, I pay tribute to the work in Worcester at Laugherne Brook and Perdsiwell.”

The praise was prompted after Mr Walker raised the issue of forest schools, saying the city is playing a “full part” in it.

Mr Walker asked Mr Stewart to come and see Worcester’s “tree renaissance” in person, adding: “Trees are a fantastic investment in cleaner air, in the quality of life in our cities and in flood defence.”

He also specifically cited the efforts of Councillor Knight to MPs, saying he is “leading the planting”.

The first tranche of the work started at Battenhall Park, near Duck Brook, three months ago where the council joined forces with scouts to plant hazel, oak and holly trees, and they have now smashed through the target by getting to 2,076.

In addition, since 2012 the authority has overseen the planting of around 150 semi-mature trees and 2,000 sapling trees in Brickfields, Warndon Park, Pitchcroft, Perdiswell, Fort Royal Park and Laugherne Brook, with the new project set to double that.

It follows concern in recent years about several incidents of trees being chopped down across the city.

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Image courtesy of The Worcester News