EGO Power+ promotes its 56v chainsaw and blower

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News


To help with autumn tidy-up, EGO Power+ has announced new promotions with big savings on its 56v lithium-ion powered chainsaw and blower.

 Previously only available to buy as separate items, complete kits of body, battery and charger are now on offer at a greatly reduced rate.

The EGO Power+ chainsaw, now comes complete with a 2.0Ah battery and charger, at £269 offering a saving of £48. Fitted with a 350mm (14”) Oregon bar, the EGO Power+ chainsaw will make up to 100 cuts of four inch by four inch softwood. The highly efficient brushless motor system gives a smooth cut and the precision weight balance enables the chainsaw to be light and easy to manoeuvre.

Offering an even bigger discount, the EGO Power+ blower package, including a 4.0Ah battery and charger, is available for £229 making a massive saving of £88. Using jet engine turbine fan technology, with just one thirty minute charge, the EGO blower is a handheld tornado, which can transform gardens for up to an hour when operating in high efficiency mode, or for additional force it features a turbo boost.

EGO’s European marketing director, Steve Roskell, commented: “Until now our only product package was for the lawnmower. Based upon the success of this we have introduced promotional packages on the blower and chainsaw to help our customers as autumn approaches. The EGO batteries are interchangeable across all products so these packages can make the perfect EGO starter kit!”

Powered by the industry’s first 56V lithium-ion battery, the whole range promises power beyond belief, without the noise, fuss or fumes of petrol equivalents.

The EGO Power+ is available nationally through Henton and Chattell’s specialist independent garden machinery dealers. For full information about the full EGO Power+ range visit or call Henton & Chattell on 0115 986 2161.