Dead and dying trees face the chop in Bedford

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Dead trees in Bedford are being chopped down by the council in the coming weeks.

The three trees, an Italian alder and a black walnut in St Paul’s Square, and a horse chestnut in the grounds of The Higgins, will be removed this summer.

A Bedford Borough Council spokeswoman said: “Although the arboriculture team work hard to maintain all the tress that Bedford Borough Council is responsible for, these trees have been declining for several years and have not come to leaf this spring.

“The council will be planting six new trees in the town centre over the coming year to replace those that have been removed.

“Discussions are still ongoing about the locations for these new trees.”

A fourth tree in St Paul’s will have dead wood removed in order to help it recover.

Work to remove the horse chestnut tree will be carried out from within the museum grounds; and works in St Paul’s Square are to be carried out on a non-market day so there will be no adverse effects on traffic or trade in Bedford.