Council slaps preservation order on Grantham trees

by | May 26, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

South Kesteven District Council has slapped the tree preservation orders (TPOs) on scores of trees at Manthorpe following an emergency order it imposed in November when three trees were cut down.

SKDC’s executive manager for development and growth, Paul Thomas, said: “In November 2014, various calls were made to the council about works being carried out to remove trees adjacent to the Manthorpe estate. At that time, only a small number of trees were protected.

“In the circumstances, an emergency area tree preservation order was made (November 6, 2014) for protection of all of the trees within the defined area. The emergency TPO is a temporary measure which allows time for a full assessment of all of the trees.

“The council’s arboriculturalist has now surveyed all the trees in the area and a TPO was made. A copy of the 2015 order was sent out to owners of the land, nearby occupants and local members.

“The 2015 order will remain in force for six months during which time the council will decide whether the order should be given permanent status.

“People affected by the order have a right to object or make comments on any of the trees or woodlands covered by the order, by writing to the council before May 30, 2015.”

Ward councillor Ray Wootten told the Journal: “I welcome the introduction of the TPO, particularly in light of those trees which were taken down at the end of Longcliffe Road in November. I hope that the order will be made permanent as soon as possible.”