Council scheme takes root with Osgodby couple

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

An Osgodby couple have taken advantage of a county council planting scheme to help them create a wildlife haven on their land.

Richard and Sue Masterman have planted 230 trees on their land in Osgodby’s Top Road, part of some 15,000 being planted across the Lincolnshire under the county council’s Hedge and Small Woodland Grant Scheme.

“It is a great scheme and I am surprised more people haven’t taken it up,” said 
Richard, who moved to the property from the south of England 15 months ago.

“I just happened to see a leaflet about it when I visited the Equip store, so I thought I would apply.

“The county council team has been so helpful and easy to contact – giving advice on trees, planting etc.

“There is a wealth of tree and hedge types to choose, but being a beekeeper, I have gone for ones the bees will like.”

“Our wildlife, woodlands and hedgerows are some of Lincolnshire’s most precious assets and it’s vital that we protect and enhance them,” said Coun Colin Davie, Executive Member for the Environment.

“The improvements we make now to our national 
heritage will be enjoyed by future generations to come.”