Council blunder to protect trees could pave way for new Tamworth housing

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Residents have spoken of their anger after learning a controversial housing application which had been rejected by the council could return – because a tree preservation order was not implemented.

Tamworth Borough Council refused an application for two dwellings in Florendine Street, Amington, after planning officers stated that the trees, which are located on the vicarage, were ‘worthy of protection’ and if lost ‘could cause significant harm’.

But, despite the findings, a preservation order was not placed on the trees and on Thursday, November 17 were felled by a private contractor.

“They have completely ruined the look of street,” said Florendine Street resident Brendan Cannon.

“The trees have been around for years and the applicant can capitalise on the council’s mistake.

“Residents are now worried that if a second application is submitted on the site then the council will have no grounds to reject it.

“However, if a second application is submitted we [the residents] are prepared to fight it every step of the way.”

The 47-year-old added: “There is already parking problems in the street and with two extra houses, which includes 27 metres of dropped curb, it could cause all sorts of problems. Not only is there parking problems but the character of the street has been changed forever.”

A spokesperson for Tamworth Borough Council said: “The decision to issue a delegated planning refusal for the development was made at a time of a number of staff changes. Unfortunately, due to an oversight, the intention to impose a Tree Preservation Order was missed during the period of transition between staff.

“In the event that the applicant was to submit a further planning application for dwellings on Florendine Street, an important aspect of the proposal would be the future landscaping of the development.

“While this would not fully compensate for the loss of the original trees, it may go some way towards creating a good environment.”

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