Council asks residents to water trees amid fears they could perish in heatwave

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A council has asked its residents to water trees in parks and on pavements amid fears they could perish in the heatwave.

After worried locals posted photographs of dried-out plants on social media, Wandsworth Council has put out an appeal pleading for volunteers to join in with the watering effort.

The dry June had one of the lowest rainfalls on record for London, causing plants to suffer.

The tree manager for the council, Pat Langley,  said: “This hot spell has really dragged on for quite a long period of time and whilst older, more established trees are better placed to withstand the heat and lack of rainfall, newly planted younger ones are a bit more vulnerable to these hot and dry conditions.

“This is one of these rare instances when mother nature could do with a helping hand so if you have a tree in your street that looks dry and parched, please give it some water. You’ll be doing your neighbourhood proud if you do.”

While the South London council has increased  its watering of some trees from fortnightly to weekly, some think plants in the borough are still in danger.

Local councillor Candida Jones complained that volunteers with buckets cannot be relied upon to save the trees.

She tweeted: “I asked the Council this morning to undertake a proper watering of all the trees.

“Volunteers with buckets can’t keep them adequately watered. They need a proper programme of regular care if they are to survive this heat.”